Like an old banyan tree,

my roots run deep,

I branch out wide and across,

to shelter you in your sleep;

My fruits are yours to savour,

My bark is yours to lean on,

Even though you’ll leave me,

At the crack of dawn;

Many came before you,

took pieces of me they desired,

I stopped no one,

That’s not how I’m wired;

A kind soul then came along,

Told me I should build a fence,

to protect myself from being hurt,

But to me it made no sense;

You see, I believed,

that fencing myself would keep trouble away,

but it would also mean that you will suffer

on a scorching summer day;

I stand here alone,

a grand tree with so much to give,

without sharing all I have,

I have no purpose to live;

You may have hurt me,

but I know you didn’t mean to,

I will never fence you out,

I’m always here for you.


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